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With the Fleet

Educational Videos
  1. Aiming Torpedoes Accurately 14:47 32MB
  2. Aiming Torpedoes Accurately (part 2) 10:30 21MB
    A detailed analysis of a torpedo-aiming device in use by the Royal Navy in 1909. It assumes a familiarity with trigonometry and the concept of similarity in geometric shapes. The videos feature simulated torpedo firings to show how this clever device helped you put torpedoes on target.

    You can browse part of the primary source for these videos, the Royal Navy's Torpedo Manual of 1909 online.

  3. The Dumaresq 9:26 19MB
    A detailed description of a device invented in 1905 which helped determine the range rate and deflection given the speed and heading of own ship and target ship as well as its bearing. The video assumes a familiarity with vector addition and subtraction with a taste of coordinate spaces.
  4. Long Range Gunfire with the Dreyer Fire Control Table 28:00 85MB
    I have been putting off this movie for a long time, owing to the complexity of the material covered, but decided to post a rough edit. This walk-through outlines how the Royal Navy computed trajectories for hitting targets at extreme ranges.
  5. Long Range Gunnery using Director Firing 31:00 96MB
    This rough cut shows the Dreyer Table being used in conjunction with the director firing system.